Kornerboard, Bader Paperboard's chipboard corner guards protect the edges of your product packaging in shipment. Options include edge protectors, strap protectors, and our premium BadgerKorner product. Our chipboard products are made from 100% recycled material to offer you the most affordable and sustainable shipping protection.

Versatile Uses

Protect your products from slipping and damage during shipping with guards that fit whatever you need.
  • Cut to your specs, up to 180" in length for corner guards.
  • In a range of thicknesses, from .100-.400pt.
  • Choose from our toughest, most durable options.

Calipers to Fit Your Job

No matter the project, we can help you find the right shipping solution. Choose from our variety of materials and thicknesses and we’ll custom cut our guards to fit your needs.

Substrates for Any Application

With BadgerKorner corner boards and edge protectors that range from 2"-180" long and calipers up to .400pt, we can deliver the right size to protect your product.


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Custom Corner Guards 

Find corner guards that are perfect for your needs. Custom BadgerKorner edge protectors are manufactured to your specs, up to 180” long and anywhere from .100-.400 pt thick.  You can also add two-color printing to ensure your logo or branding is front and center. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Paperboard Guards

Can I order custom-sized pallet corner guards?
You sure can. You’ll find edge protectors that range from 2"-180" long and calipers up to .400pt.
What are corner guards made of?
All of our products are made of chipboard, a sustainable, paper-based substrate that’s usually cheaper and less expensive to ship and store than plastic alternatives.
Is chipboard more expensive than cardboard edge protectors for shipping?
Chipboard is typically much lighter than regular corrugated cardboard. That means it’s less expensive not only to purchase, but will take up less space - and cost less - to ship and store.
Can I get corner guards with my logo printed on them?
Yes, that’s what our BadgerKorner product is all about! They can be printed with your company’s two-color logo to keep your brand front and center during transit.
Should I use cardboard or chipboard edge protectors for shipping?
Chipboard is a great option for edge protectors because it’s less expensive than traditional u-channel corrugated cardboard. It’s also easier to ship and store, and doesn’t contain pockets where dirt and bugs can hide.
How much do custom corner guards in bulk cost?
Our minimum order quantity is $300. As a corner board manufacturer, everything we do is custom, so contact us today to get a more exact quote for your needs.

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