How to Use Packaging Design for Better Brand Awareness
October | 2022

In today’s marketing-saturated world, it can feel difficult to stand out above the noise. You want to not only ensure your customers are happy with their purchase, but that they’ll continue to order from you. 

One way to do that is through the creative use of packaging. Below, find three ways you can use packaging to your advantage to not only make an impression on your customers, but keep your brand top-of-mind for their future purchases. 

Ways to Improve Your Packaging Design

Work with a professional. 

Unless you have an in-house team who can help with the look and design of your packaging, consider hiring outside help for this task. 

Most packaging companies will work directly with you to design your packaging from the ground up. Everything from end-use to size and shape to the actual look can be customized. A bonus of working with the packaging company is you’ll likely have a good idea of the cost itself from the start, instead of bringing a design to the company only to find out it’s over your budget. 

Creating truly custom packaging might seem more expensive than, say, a packaging catalog. But factor in the money you’ll save without having to use excess void fill or forcing a stock size to fit your products (or, worse, dealing with damaged product when a stock packaging option didn’t do its job). You’ll also likely find better customer service and have a real person to talk to if you have any questions or concerns. 

Know your brand guidelines and stick to them. 

One simple way to make your packaging look more polished and professional is sticking with your company’s brand guidelines. Brand guidelines lay out a set look and feel for your brand, including: 

  • Colors 
  • Fonts
  • Logo usage specs
  • Messaging and wording 
  • Icons or imagery 

Some people feel constrained when using brand guidelines and want to adapt their designs each time. But sticking to the guidelines can actually help improve your brand awareness because people will come to know the look and feel of your packaging and products. 

Another way to use packaging to show off your brand is by choosing a substrate that complements your product. Is your brand all about making eco-friendly choices? Choose a packaging substrate that matches, like chipboard

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Think outside the box.

Literally. Don’t limit yourself to designing just one piece of your packaging. If you’re a B2C brand, think about the entire unboxing experience. What do you want customers to think and feel when they open up your packaging? Consider interior printing, custom void fill, stickers, and more to heighten the experience. 

B2B companies can get in on the action, too. Ship your products on a pallet? Think about custom-branded cornerboards or strap protectors that include your logo, messaging, or brand colors. It’s a simple addition that can add a big impact. 

So, does packaging actually matter to customers? 

The results are in, and the survey says: Yes. 

According to the results of an IPSOS consumer study, 72% of people said a package’s design often influences their purchase decisions. 

The packaging substrate is important, too: McKinsey and Company reported that more than half of U.S. respondents are concerned about the environmental impact of product packaging. This number is likely to increase in the coming years. 

Think of your own experiences, too. Which product do you perceive as better-quality and more memorable: One that arrives in a plain, unlabeled box, or one that includes color or some clever messaging? 

Custom Designs from Badger Paperboard

Stacks of custom branded BadgerKorner corner boards

At Badger, everything we create for our customers is custom. Whether it’s width, length, caliper or branded print designs, we’re here to help your packaging vision come to life. 

If your product ships on pallets, a great (simple) place to start is branded cornerboards. BadgerKorner protects the edges of your products from dents and damage during shipping. They’re designed to perfectly fit edges without adding bulk, saving on shipping costs. Best of all, they can be printed with your company’s two-color logo to keep your brand front and center during transit.

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