Coatings or treatments applied to packaging materials to prevent slipping or movement during transport and handling.

Sheets designed for use in automated palletizing operations, helping in stacking and stabilizing products.


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Custom edge protectors manufactured to your specs, up to 180” long and anywhere from .100-.400 pt thick.

Badger’s proprietary packaging solution; a custom alternative to U-channel, cornerboard, fan-fold corrugate, and double- and triple-wall corrugate cartons.

Bending Chipboard

A flexible type of chipboard that can be easily bent or folded without cracking, used for book covers and packaging.

A type of paperboard made from recycled paper, used for making packaging materials and more.


Paperboard coated with clay to produce a sleek surface; an outdated solution for automatic palletizers to prevent sheets from sticking together.

Clay-Coated Newsback (CCNB)

Recycled paperboard with a clay-coated surface, made from newsprint and other recycled materials.

Edge Protectors

Angled or corner pieces made of paperboard or plastic, used to protect the edges of products during shipping.


A strong, durable paper or paperboard made from wood pulp, known for its high tear resistance.

Laminated Sheets

Paperboard sheets bonded with layers of glue or other materials to enhance strength, durability, or moisture resistance.

Layer Sheets

Similar to pallet sheets, used within layers of stacked products for added stability and protection.


Robust, flat paperboard pieces used for cushioning, layering, stabilization, and protection against abrasion and nail protrusions for packaged products. Pads serve as an alternative to corrugated sheets when used as pallet liners.

Pallet Sheets

Positioned directly on the pallet surface to safeguard against abrasion and nail punctures; a cost-effective and sturdier alternative to corrugated sheets. They serve to distribute weight and shield the goods stacked on pallets.

Paper Pulp

Raw material made from wood, recycled paper, or other fibrous materials, used to make paper and paperboard.


A thick, paper-based material used for packaging, heavier than standard paper and can be single or multi-ply. Paperboard can include solid fiber (unrecycled) and chipboard (recycled) materials.

Paperboard Converter

A company or facility that transforms raw paperboard into finished products like boxes and sheets (that’s us!).


Paperboard coated with a layer of polyethylene to make it moisture-resistant, often used for food packaging.


Materials recycled after they have been used by consumers, such as used paper and paperboard packaging.


Materials recycled from the manufacturing process before they reach the consumer, such as scraps and trimmings.

Push-Pull Sheets

Specially designed slip sheets for use with push-pull material handling equipment, allowing for the handling of goods without pallets.


Flat pieces of paperboard used as a base for creating packaging products and adding stability to pallets during shipping.

Slip Sheets

Thin pallet-sized sheets used in combination with, or instead of, wooden pallets, made from plastic, paperboard, or fiber.

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS)

A high-quality, smooth, and white paperboard made from bleached virgin wood pulp, used in premium packaging.

A strong, dense paperboard made by compressing layers of paper together, used for heavy-duty packaging. Solid fiber substrates come from virgin (unrecycled) materials.

Strap Protectors

Small pieces of material placed under straps on packaged goods to prevent damage from the straps.

Tier Sheets

Sheets used between tiers or layers of products on a pallet to stabilize and protect the products during transport.

Uncoated Newsback

Recycled paperboard not coated with clay, typically used for less visually demanding packaging.


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