How Our Process Works

Chipboard packaging is made from paper pulp, which is a sustainable resource that comes from trees. Chipboard is made entirely of recycled fiber, typically a mix of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials.

To begin, we ensure the source stock we order is the right size and shape for our applications to reduce waste. Once we’ve cut the sheets or pads from the main roll, any extra pieces are gathered, baled, and returned to the mill.

When the need arises, we use virgin wood fibers (non-recycled material), for a durable solid fiber product that is created with the intention of being reused many times, in turn saving material.

In the course of a year, we recycle over a million pounds of paper, saving:

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3.5 million

gallons of water

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50,000 cubic feet

of landfill space

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1,600 barrels

of oil

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Sustainable Facilities

At our Wisconsin facility, we’ve gained efficiencies by adjusting work shift cycles. By staggering shifts, part of the production plant can be dark at times. No lights go on, and no machinery is operated, saving energy consumption.

Additionally, lighting systems and production equipment upgrades are all made with sustainability in mind. For instance, our Wisconsin plant has upgraded from gas-powered forklifts to electric forklifts, which are much more efficient. We also recycle pallets whenever possible.

Finally, our environmental management system provides yearly training for all our employees in the plant. At every level, employees are empowered to evaluate processes and our products to identify areas for increased efficiency and continuous improvement.

Benefits of Paper Packaging

Lower cost – potentially up to half of the cost of a similar plastic solution

Lighter weight – so you can fit more on a pallet and pay less in freight costs

Thinner – so it takes up less space in your warehouse

Easily recyclable – any curbside program will allow paperboard recycling

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