Layer, slip and tier sheets distribute weight evenly and safely. Divider sheets allow you to stack your products securely by fitting between items to evenly distribute weight and can also function as a pallet cap to further protect your products. Partition sheets, which can be cut to almost any size, are perfect for creating individual compartments for the most delicate items. They even come in water-resistant and food-safe substrates so they can help protect everything from glassware to peaches.

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You can place tier, slip, divider, or partition sheets between products to protect them from bumping against each other during shipping. They also allow for easier, safer stacking by more evenly distributing weight and preventing slippage when placed between layers of product. Divider sheets increase stability, you can then maximize space by stacking items higher.

Tier or slip sheets can be used to replace traditional pallets, taking up less space and saving on shipping costs. Food industries rely on our partitions because they’re sold in smaller quantities, providing a more versatile option for businesses that don’t need a full truckload.
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Many of our clients know the frustration of layer sheets sticking together on the auto-palletizer. When humid weather strikes, our team is there to engineer the right solution for your machinery.

Did you know layer sheets have multiple names? Slip, tier, divider, or partition sheets are the most common.


Frequently Asked Questions about Slip Sheets and Tier Sheets

What’s the difference between layer, slip and tier sheets?
Usually they’re all exactly the same thing. Different businesses might use the names interchangeably, but generally they all refer to chipboard, cardboard, or plastic sheets that can separate layers or stacks of items on pallets.
Can I order custom-sized slip/tier sheets?
Yes! Our sheets are cut to your specs and come in a variety of thicknesses.
What are slip sheets used for?
They can create layers between items on a pallet, or be used to create divided compartments to protect sensitive items - like glassware or thin-skinned fruit.
What are tier sheets made of?
All of our products are made of chipboard. It’s a sustainable, paper-based substrate that’s usually less expensive to ship and store than plastic or corrugated cardboard alternatives.
How much do custom corner guards in bulk cost?
Our minimum order quantity is $300. All of our products are custom-made for your order. Just contact us today to get a more exact quote for your needs.

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