Understanding the Different Terms for Chipboard Products
August | 2021

Understanding the Different Terms for Chipboard Products  

Different chipboards fanned out.

What’s in a name? When it comes to talking about different types of chipboard, it turns out that there really are a few ways to ask for the product you want. The terms used for those chipboard products will vary depending on region and supplier. 

Like pop and soda, the paperboard industry often uses different terms for the same types of products. Want a tier sheet but aren’t finding the term on a supplier’s website? Try looking for a layer sheet instead. Same product, different terms. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most common “pop vs. soda” products in our industry. 

Layer and Tier Sheets

Layer Sheet = Tier Sheet

The layer sheet or tier sheet – as we discussed above – is the sheet of paperboard you use to separate stacks of product on your pallet.  These sheets can be placed between products to protect them from bumping against each other during shipping. They also allow for easier, safer stacking by more evenly distributing weight and preventing slippage when placed between layers of product.

Think of it this way: you either describe it by what it is creating (layers) or what it is separating (tiers). 

Slippery Slip Sheets 

The term “slip sheet” is also used a lot in packaging. Some people use it in reference to layer or tier sheets, while others use it as another name for pallet sheets, which are the thicker guard sheets placed between the pallets and the goods to protect from nails and splinters. 

However, there is also a thin sheet of paperboard or plastic that’s used as an alternative to pallets, and it too is called a slip sheet, since it is used to “slip” into warehouses. 

While a special forklift is needed to transport loads on slip sheets, it is important you clarify with any shipping manager what they mean by the term “slip sheet.” 

Corner Guards and Edge Protectors

Corner Guard = Edge Protector

You may have guessed that corner guard and corner board are the same thing, but what about an edge protector? Assuming they are made of the same material, corner guard and edge protectors are the same thing, though since some manufacturers use Styrofoam instead of 100% recyclable materials like paperboard, we suggest checking with your packer to ensure you’re getting a more eco-friendly shipment.

These are just a few examples of the same products referred to by multiple terms in our industry. Long story short: without universal terminology for packaging materials, always double check with your shipper if they say something or you see something in an invoice or bill of lading that you aren’t completely sure about.

Also, when asking for a quote, ensure that you and your supplier are on the same page about what you’re ordering! 

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