How to Maximize Your Packaging Budget
September | 2022

With autumn comes the arrival of cooler weather, colorful leaves, and, for many companies, budgeting season for next year. 

It’s easy to get caught in a rut of keeping the same plan year after year, especially in packaging. Even if your current packaging POs are meeting your needs and coming in under budget, it’s still smart to evaluate your options and look for areas of improvement. 

Below, we’re sharing three things to consider when planning your packaging budget for next year to maximize the value you’ll receive. 

Evaluate Other Substrate Options 

Many people compare prices by looking at other options in the same substrate, such as plastic sheets from different suppliers. However, we challenge you to think outside the box (get it?) and consider entirely new packaging substrate options that will meet your needs. 

One example is plastic pallet sheets. You could look for other suppliers who offer plastic sheets for a cheaper cost, or you could consider an option like chipboard pallet sheets. Chipboard is sustainable, requires less storage space than plastic, and is typically far less expensive. 

“Even though plastic pallet sheets are reusable, many times they are one and done! The cost of a chipboard pallet sheet is 75 percent less,” said Chad Kravick, vice president at Badger Paperboard. 

Consider chipboard alternatives to plastic or corrugated products like sheets, pads, and guards

Factor in Supplier Service and Response Time 

Don’t forget about the intangible benefits of choosing a particular packaging supplier. Everyone’s time is valuable, and when you’re spending yours chasing down suppliers or waiting on someone to get back to you with lead times, it can be frustrating. 

Look for a supplier who’s known for their responsiveness. The time and hassle they’ll help you save can be well worth the switch. 

With four facilities across the country, we can provide you with Badger-quality paperboard products wherever you are in the continental U.S. Bundle your paperboard products with Badger for smooth sailing.

Location, Location, Location

Why is location so important? Strategic locations mean Badger Paperboard is more cost-efficient and has better lead times and customer service than the competition.

Our services also extend up to Canada and down to Mexico, so your border shipments are assured the same Badger promise. 

What's your packaging contingency plan?
Badger Paperboard’s four locations mean faster service for you.

Ask for Help 

Need a custom product? Having trouble finding a product that’s just right? Or maybe you just have an idea and want to get a second opinion. 

Your supplier should be a valuable resource in making decisions about your packaging – in every aspect from design to execution to fulfillment. If you aren’t getting that kind of experience in your current supplier, it might be time to look somewhere else. 

With decades of experience in the industry, Badger Paperboard delivers smart, creative solutions that work for your business. We also keep a wide variety of materials on hand and die-cut everything in-house, so we can custom-cut the right sheets, pads, or guards for any application.

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