Why Switching to Paper Packaging is a More Sustainable Choice
February | 2022

Sustainability is a hot topic in the packaging world these days. But you might be wondering – is it really cost-effective and efficient to switch to a sustainable option? The answer is yes! Keep reading to learn more about why paper packing is often a smarter choice than plastic. 

The Problem with Plastics

Badger Paperboard sustainable paper packaging products.

Traditional plastic is a non-renewable resource because it’s made with resin produced from petroleum. About 4 percent of the world’s oil is used in plastic production every year. It’s becoming known that plastic and its additives may have health concerns for people and animals. And, millions of tons of plastic waste go into oceans every year – many of which will take hundreds of years to decompose.

While it’s possible for plastic to be recycled, it can only be reused so many times and only for certain applications. And many consumer-level plastics never get recycled, either because facilities don’t exist or consumers aren’t aware of how to recycle. 

Clearly, plastic is a problem. One potential solution you can use for your packaging? Paper. 

“The resin market is really volatile right now,” said Badger Vice President Chad Kravick. “Chipboard is a more stable, sustainable solution.” 

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Benefits of Switching to Paper Packaging

Paper packaging alternatives, such as chipboard slip sheets, can do just about anything plastic can. And they come with several additional benefits, according to Kravick, including:

  • Lower cost – potentially up to half of the cost of a similar plastic solution 
  • Lighter weight – so you can fit more on a pallet and pay less in freight costs
  • Thinner – so it takes up less space in your warehouse 

Chipboard packaging is made from paper pulp, which is a sustainable resource that comes from trees. And at Badger, we take it a step further. 

First, we ensure the source stock we order is the right size and shape for our applications to reduce waste. Once we’ve cut the sheets or pads from the main roll, any extra bits are gathered and baled to be sent back to the mill. 

“That allows the mills to make another roll from that same product,” said Kravick. “So we’re a zero-waste facility.” 

Why Choose Badger Chipboard? 

In these days of supply chain headaches, Badger has you covered with four plants located across the country. 

“We’re also the largest buyer of chipboard, so our customers are very secure in the fact that we have availability to the tons that we need,” said Kravick. “Many of our competitors only have one plant.” 

We’re also sticklers for the Badger Promise, which means you can expect fast turnaround times, responsive service and custom products – every time. 

See how our chipboard stands up to plastic products by requesting a product sample today. 

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