3 Chipboard Packaging Trends We’re Predicting for 2022
December | 2021

Are supply chain issues going away? What about our impact on our country and the planet? 

Below, you’ll learn about the top three chipboard packaging trends we’re predicting for 2022. 

Packaging Trend No. 1: Finding New Sources of Chipboard

Badger Paperboard Chipboard Packing Sheets

After 2021’s record year of supply chain issues, we predict one of the top trends in the chipboard packaging industry in 2022 will be sourcing new tons of chipboard.

“That goes back to when the major mills bought a lot of the smaller, regional mills, and they shut them down and took that supply out of the market,” says Badger Vice President Chad Kravick. “And then when the demand went through the roof, there just wasn’t the availability of the board like there used to be.”

However, with the Badger Promise, we guarantee we will do our best to deliver your order on time with professional service every time, and we strive to continue to do that for every Badger fan.

Packaging Trend No. 2: Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability

Finding new sources of chipboard means looking at different ways of packaging and being more efficient with the tons that we do have. 

“Our distributor partners are the lifeblood of what we do, and they’re there working hard every day to try to reduce the packaging costs for their end-users. Anything we can do to help them do that — such as going with a thinner gauge sheet for their pallet sheets or even downgrading their corner board to reduce costs for their end-users — is a really good way to solidify their relationship with their customers, too,” Kravick says.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, and it’s something our end-users care about, too. Everything we make comes from recycled materials, which can be cost-effective compared to virgin materials. It’s a win for us and for the planet.

Packaging Trend No. 3: Kornerboard in the Southwest U.S. Market

badgerkrate side view

For Badger Paperboard, the BadgerKorner corner board line we’re introducing into Texas will have a huge impact in 2022. 

“That is going to change the market there in the Southwest,” Kravick says. “We changed the market previously in California with our line there, and I think Texas will be twice as big.”

The technology we’ll be implementing in the southwest will have the biggest impact on production and efficiency, he added.

“At Badger, we’ve always done a really good job of being on the leading edge of technology with machinery, and when there’s a new way to make sheets better, we invest in it and try to stay ahead of the curve,” Kravick says.

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