4 Reasons to Choose Chipboard Instead of Corrugated Cardboard
July | 2022

Corrugated cardboard is like that one oddity your car has. You know – when A/C clicks every time it turns on, or the rear left window sticks. You’re used to it and it still does the job, but it may be time to consider other solutions.

There are a host of reasons why you should consider paperboard as an alternative to corrugate. From sanitation to space-savings, we’ve created a list of the top benefits of paperboard vs. corrugated here. 

3 rolls of chipboard side by side

#1: Chipboard Helps Keep Bugs Away

No one wants to think of opening up a package to find insects inside. But the wavy structure inside corrugated boxes can create the perfect hiding spot for pests, which can burrow in and hitch a ride from the warehouse to your house. 

According to one 2016 case report, “Corrugated cardboard boxes may accelerate the spread of these insect vectors to nonendemic areas through their ability to harbor and transport small terrestrial arthropods such as silverfish, termites, and cockroaches.” 

Chipboard helps alleviate this issue because it’s flat, so there’s nowhere for bugs (or additional dust or dirt) to hide. This also makes it a more hygienic choice for shipping things like food and personal care products.

#2: Chipboard Has Lower Shipping Costs

Because it’s flat, chipboard is thinner and lighter than corrugate. That means it will be cheaper to ship. 

For comparison, 6,000 sheets of chipboard will fit on between 2-3 pallets. To ship 6,000 sheets of corrugate, you’d need about 24 pallets. 

With rising fuel and shipping costs, why pay more for corrugated when chipboard can do the same thing? 

#3: Chipboard Helps Free Up Warehouse Space 

You’ve probably already realized that fewer pallets of chipboard not only mean lower shipping costs, but less space taken up in your warehouse. 

Recent reports show that leased warehouse space is about $7.86 per square foot right now. Ideally, you want more of that space used for products and less for packaging. Reducing the number of pallets of corrugate and replacing it with chipboard can help keep your warehouse freed up for what really matters. 

#4: Chipboard is More Cost-Effective 

Finally, to put all the pieces together, chipboard is more cost-effective than corrugated. And that’s not only for the reasons mentioned above, but it’s cheaper overall. 

“A chipboard pad can be up to 35 percent less than a comparable corrugated pad,” said Chad Kravick, vice president of Badger Paperboard Inc. 

Find Your Perfect Chipboard Solution 

We know packaging isn’t always something people get excited about. But at Badger Paperboard, we do. We’re obsessed with not only creating a great product but with helping our customers save money and find the best solution. 

Check out our full selection of chipboard products on our website. Don’t see what you need? Let us know – we’re happy to work with you to find the right solution. 

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