5 Benefits to Custom-Cut Packaging
June | 2021

Badger Paperboard’s custom cut packaging.

Does the thought of custom-cut packaging make you see red? It shouldn’t! Custom-cut packaging not only doesn’t have to break the bank – it can actually help you cut back on downtime and freight costs while enhancing brand perception and reducing product spoilage from shipping damage. 

Here are five ways that custom-cut packaging can do all this – and a whole lot more! 

Reduced Freight Costs 

As the cost of freight continues to increase, more and more companies are looking for ways to reduce the weight and mass of their packaged products. This is where custom packaging really excels. 

With custom packaging, you spend a little more up front to get the design exactly right. But you can achieve cost savings down the road because you will often be using less packaging, which weighs less and has less mass. Stuffing a small item into an oversized box and packing it with plastic or cardboard filler may seem faster in the short term, but it will cost you more over time. 

Reduced Downtime

Sometimes, trying to use inappropriate packaging for the sake of expediency actually results in more delays and downtime. 

For instance, here at Badger we worked with a food manufacturer that was using improperly sized sheets for their packaging application. The sheet was too wide and long, which caused issues on the palletizing and stretch wrapping line. Our experts came in and reduced the footprint of the sheet, which reduced the manufacturer’s overall material cost and eliminated line shutdowns.

All that cost savings with a simple custom-sized and cut sheet!

Fewer Damaged Products

Custom-cut packaging ensures that your products are protected from unnecessary shifting during transit. Added product protection is especially important for food preservation and fragile items such as glass, porcelain, and electronics. 

Custom packaging can be requested with waterproof barriers and snug fittings that exactly match the items inside. This results in greater overall protection, especially from careless handling.   

Enhanced Brand Perception

Nothing says “we take pride in our products” like custom, branded packaging. In an increasingly competitive market, companies must look for ways to stand out from the pack. A great way to do this is to make investments in custom packaging. 

This not only creates a memorable “unboxing” experience for the end customer, but shows that you took the time to properly package a product. That level of care and detail impacts how people perceive your brand – and your product. 

Sweet, Sweet Sustainability

Shaving off all those costs by using custom packaging is good business sense, but it can also be good for the environment! Custom-cut packaging reduces the overall environmental impact of your shipment because you use less material than you would otherwise. 

And when you choose chipboard packaging, you can rest easy knowing that the whole packaging manufacturing process is completely sustainable and recyclable from end-to-end

Do It Better With Badger 

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