Why Packaging is Crucial for Effective Supply Chain Management
July | 2021

Paperboard packaging for supply chains.

Why Packaging is Crucial to Effective Supply Chain Management 

Looking for ways to streamline your supply chain? Start with packaging. 

Packaging isn’t just about throwing goods in a box and sending them on their way. Instead, it is a coordinated and sophisticated way of preparing goods for safe transit in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. 

When it comes to packaging, not all materials, manufacturers, and producers are alike. Packaging is often seen as just another commodity, but poor packaging and poor logistical management by packaging providers can have huge negative effects on the supply chain. Mess up this vital step, and you’ll feel the ramifications at every other point down the line. 

Why Packaging?

Investments in sustainable packaging reduce waste and offer numerous competitive advantages. The right type of packaging can also help simplify the logistics of moving products from place to place. The types of packaging you choose and design can improve overall supply chain sustainability and efficiency, too. 

When we talk about packaging, of course, we aren’t just talking about cardboard boxes and pallets. Products like pallet sheets, edge and corner guards, and custom packaging options ensure goods are moving safely and affordably through the supply chain, reducing product damage and delays caused by that damage. 

Packaging and Supply Chain Management 

It’s for these reasons that packaging plays such a key role in supply chain management. A few tweaks to an existing type of packaging can lead to a lower overall shipping weight (and therefore shipping cost). 

Also, consider how the packaging is made. Like any other product, packaging must be manufactured and shipped. Packaging like chipboard is wholly sustainable, lightweight, and provides solid product protection. At Badger, our raw materials are also regionally sourced for each location, which makes it easier to get them into our customers’ hands quickly.  

You can also find efficiencies in your supply chain management by sourcing your packaging components from a single supplier who has a nationwide reach. This can streamline your administrative operations.  

Supply Chain Challenges for Packaging Producers and Distributors 

With the rise of eCommerce options and an uptick in online shopping, we have seen a tremendous strain on existing supply chains. This has resulted in delays, shortages, and inflation across many industries. 

Just-in-time delivery is key for the packaging industry because taking up expensive storage space with inexpensive packaging products doesn’t make financial sense. With supply chains disrupted and carriers overbooked, shipping delays have become more common. 

Packaging manufacturers quickly produce goods to a schedule, then deliver them to distributors or retailers, but any delay along the way results in downtime and potential losses.  

This is one reason why packaging manufacturers like Badger – with multiple locations across the US – have an advantage over regional suppliers. Having production locations that are near our distributors enables us to be faster and more flexible. 

The shorter the distance product has to travel, and the more efficiently it’s protected, the fewer potential bumps along the way.  

Do It Better With Badger 

Find out more about bundling your packaging needs with Badger. Request a sample of one of our products, or find out more about our strategically-placed nationwide locations and how we’ve improved lead times for our customers.