4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Single-Source Chipboard Packaging Supplier
March | 2023

This blog was originally published in May 2021. It has been updated for 2023.

There are numerous benefits to bundling your chipboard packaging needs with a single supplier like Badger Paperboard. But when evaluating a manufacturer for multiple packaging needs, what criteria should you check? 

Here are some factors to consider in your search. 

1. Seamless Logistics

Seek out suppliers who have strategically placed locations across the areas they serve. These suppliers will be more cost-efficient than local or regional manufacturers. They can also offer better lead times and more attentive customer service staff who understand the needs of those they serve. 

At Badger, we have strategically located facilities nationwide, and our services even extend up to Canada and down to Mexico. That means shipments crossing the border all get the same personalized attention. 

And if you have orders going through separate locations at suppliers with nationwide locations, it’s often no problem. Big suppliers can easily track your disparate orders from a single system. 

This leads us to another great reason to bundle…  

2. Less Overhead, More Transparency

How much time do you spend following up on orders from vendors and suppliers? Vetting and qualifying multiple suppliers also take time – and time is money. When you choose a sole chipboard supplier, you get all that time back!  

Ensure that you choose a supplier with a centralized electronic ordering and monitoring system that connects all their facilities. Ask about how they track orders to ensure deadlines are met. 

Also, consider how responsive they are. Do they get back to you in an hour or 24 hours? Four days? Four weeks? If they know a shipment is delayed or won’t reach you during the estimated time frame, at what point will they contact you? The day they know, or the day you expected your shipment?

The more responsive and transparent a supplier is, the less likely you will be blindsided by surprises. 

3. Less Risky Business    

In a post-pandemic world, we all have our eyes on the tricky logistics of global supply chains. When choosing a supplier, look for one that has a solid supply and distribution network to help avoid downtime and delays. The closer to home their supply chain is, the better. 

An ongoing partnership with a single supplier also means you benefit from cost savings on bulk orders. You’re more likely to see real savings from a single supplier you have a strong relationship with than a few one-off suppliers where you place small orders.

4. Sustainability 

Does sustainability matter to your company or customers? If so, knowing where your chipboard supplier acquires their materials is important.

For example, we use 100% chipboard at Badger Paperboard for our products. Chipboard is a paperboard product made entirely of recycled fibers, typically a mix of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials. Not all suppliers use recycled materials, and fewer still have integrated sustainability into other aspects of their business. 

When choosing a supplier, ask about their sustainability practices – and how they can pass these cost savings on to you and your customers. 

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