Trust Badger for Your Custom Chipboard Solutions
June | 2024

At Badger Paperboard, we’re all about customization — simply put, that’s what we do! Our team strives to bring your packaging vision to life. Because we keep a wide variety of materials on hand and die-cut everything in-house, we can custom-cut the right sheets, pads, or guards for any application. 

Keep reading to learn why you should trust Badger for all your custom chipboard solutions.


#1 We find a solution for you, no matter what it takes.

“Like we always say around here, it’s our goal to make everyone a Badger fan,” says Chad Kravick, Vice President of Badger Paperboard. That means we promise custom products, responsive service, and fast turnarounds — every time. 

With four locations throughout the U.S., we can cut lead times and deliver your order quickly. “Additionally, our team has decades of experience in the industry, so we can deliver smart, creative solutions that work for your business,” says Kravik. 

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#2 Custom packaging can be more efficient and effective.

Purchasing stock products from a packaging catalog or website may seem quick and easy, but you risk getting a product you’re not happy with. Instead, consider taking a little extra time to work with a custom paperboard converter like Badger Paperboard, specializing in packaging and shipping materials.

“Our team of paperboard experts works directly with you to design your packaging from the start for an efficient and effective process that gives you an efficient and effective packaging solution,” says Jeff Knapke, East Region Sales Manager. “We can customize your packaging based on end-use, size, shape, actual look, and more to ensure you get the best possible packaging solution.” 

You’ll receive an estimated cost upfront, and you’ll always have a real person to talk to about any questions or concerns that arise. Plus, we’ll ensure a fast turnaround to meet your deadlines. 

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#3 We promise to prioritize your needs. 

Badger Paperboard puts your needs at the heart of everything we do. We deliver professional and personable customer service and answer the phone when you call. Our team will work hard to customize your order until we exceed your expectations. 

We prioritize you — your vision, time, specs, budget, and goals. When our Badger customers succeed, we do too. That’s the Badger Promise.


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