What is BadgerKrate?
August | 2022

If you ship long, flat items, like window blinds, extruded metals, or antennas, BadgerKrate is perfect for your needs.

Take a look at the product in action in the video below or read on to learn more. 

How Does BadgerKrate Work? 

Badgerkrate is designed as an alternative to similar corrugated competitor products, such as Reddi-Crate®. Made of chipboard, BadgerKrate is pre-hinged and designed to fold over the product to secure with straps.

It has three times the beam strength of corrugated and is more puncture-resistant. Also, BadgerKrate ships flat, saving you warehouse space and shipping costs.

BadgerKrate includes five panels that fold around your product. It’s available in sizes up to 60” wide x 400” long. It can also be nested without damage to the packaging or product inside. 

“If you look at the back of a semi-truck full of a competitor product, it’s all air.  And shipping air is very expensive,” said Chad Kravick, vice president of Badger Paperboard. “BadgerKrate folds flat, saves on shipping, and actually works better than competitor products.” 

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BadgerKrate Specs and Options

BadgerKrate is highly customizable, whether you’re looking for a simple five-panel piece or one up to 12 panels to create a wrap around your product. It’s also a great alternative to traditional wooden crates since it’s lighter, cheaper and easier to ship. 

  • Choose from open-ended or end cap design
  • Available in a variety of panel cuts
  • Sizes up to 60” wide x 400” long
  • Thicknesses from .040-.250pt
  • Can be printed with 1-color random repeat

We can also create your BadgerKrate from a variety of substrates, from plain chipboard to solid kraft to clay-coated and specialty grades. 

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