How Does the Badger Quoting Process Work?
March | 2021
Badger Paperboard customer service rep creating a quote
Fast quotes from coast-to-coast!

Faster than a speeding bullet… more powerful than a locomotive… no, it’s not a caped crusader – it’s how the Badger sales team processes quotes from our customers and distribution partners, day-in and day-out. 

If you’ve ever wondered how this lightning-fast quoting process works behind the scenes, wonder no more. Let’s break it down. 

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane…

“Speed is key to our quoting process,” says Chad Kravick, Vice President of Badger Paperboard. “The average turn time for quotes for our existing distributors is under an hour. That’s something our team prides itself on.” 

When it comes to existing distributors or buyers from existing distributors, Kravick usually gets an email quote request, as opposed to an online query. “All I need from existing distributors,” he says, “is product description, dimensions, annual usage, and ship-to zipcode.” The more detail provided, the faster and more accurate the quote. 

New customers or distribution partners can be served nearly as quickly, as the team has streamlined the process of creating new accounts.  

Right Time, Right Place

With four locations strategically placed across the continental United States, there’s always a Badger distribution hub nearby. These carefully chosen locations mean Badger Paperboard is more cost-efficient than local or regional manufacturers, and offers better lead times and more attentive, regionally-minded customer service staff who understand the needs of those they serve. 

Badger’s services even extend up to Canada and down to Mexico, so border shipments receive the same speedy service and personalized attention. 

Bottom Line? Fast Quotes from Coast-to-Coast!

This commitment to fast, exceptional service and speed means that Badger’s customers and distribution partners have a big advantage over their own competitors. Badger’s team knows how important it is for their partners to return to customers with fast, accurate quotes. It’s a win-win! 

Ready to get a quote? See our team in action when you start the process online here, or give us a call at one of our locations.