What to Know About Paperboard Tier Sheets
March | 2024

Do you rely on plastic or corrugated slip and tier sheets for your shipping needs? You may not know that there’s a more economical option.

Badger’s paperboard slip and tier sheets are manufactured to your specifications – just watch: 


Are Paperboard or Corrugated Slip Sheets Better?

Paperboard slip sheets offer the same performance as corrugated, with the following benefits:

  • More economical – slip and tier sheets generally cost $2-$3 each and are available in the quantity you need, whether a full or partial truckload.
  • Available in recycled chipboard or solid fiber for customized performance. 
  • Thinner and lighter – freeing up warehouse space. 

Both plastic tier sheets and corrugated kraft tier sheets are roughly 1/8” inch thick (.125”). However, solid fiber or chipboard is typically 0.024” to 0.080”. On average, you’ll fit 2-3 times more of our product into the same space compared to competitor options.

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What’s the Difference Between Slip and Tier Sheets? 

They’re the same thing! Different businesses might use the names interchangeably, but typically, they all refer to paperboard, cardboard, or plastic sheets that can separate layers or stacks of items on pallets.


How Durable Are Paperboard Slip Sheets?

Since they’re thinner than corrugated, you may be wondering if Badger’s slip sheets offer the same performance as a thicker product. The good news: Yes, they do. 

“Our paperboard slip sheets are durable and reusable,” says Scott Kibler, Vice President of Solid Fiber and Technical Products at Badger. “We also conduct testing to ensure they’re puncture resistant and offer the same performance you’d expect from corrugated, at a lower price point and lighter weight.” 

And if you need a specialized solution for your product, we can work with you to create the perfect sheet – including size, thickness, and substrate. 


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