SUS Board vs. AP Sheets: A Cost-Effective, Ready-to-Ship Paperboard Solution to Protect Your Product
January | 2021

Longer lead times for your SUS board products are frustrating for you and for your customers, but what if there was a faster, more cost-effective ready-to-ship pallet sheet solution? Enter: Badger Paperboard’s automatic palletizer (AP) sheets.

SUS Board Vs. Automatic Palletizer (AP) Sheets

SUS board and AP sheets are both used to prevent product damage. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to SUS paperboard sheets, the AP sheets may be an even better fit for you as the SUS — or solid unbleached sulfate — paperboard substrate market becomes increasingly tight with longer lead times.

Badger Paperboard’s AP Sheets.“AP sheets do the same thing and are a better solution,” says Chad Kravick, Vice President at Badger Paperboard. “The biggest thing in the SUS market is it has a liner on it — so when (the auto palletizer) pulls the sheets up, there is no air going through.” 

If your customer prefers a white sheet for a cleaner look, the SUS board fits that appearance. However, if you’re working with a pallet sheet or a layer sheet, an AP sheet is the way to go — especially when you factor in its availability and the significant cost-savings.

“It’s a product that you can get all the time, it’s cheaper and it works way better,” said Kravick.

So if you’re looking for ready-to-ship pallet sheets, AP sheets are available at all four Badger Paperboard locations, available to ship anywhere in North America.

What are Badger’s AP Sheets? A SUS Board Alternative Pallet Sheet

Badger developed our AP sheets using a proprietary cross fiber sheet to replace corrugated pads on pallet sheets. AP sheets are cost-effective — costing 30 percent less per sheet compared to corrugated sheets — and offer better protection for your product versus normal, low-density recycled chipboard.

“The issue with normal low-density recycled chipboard is its porous nature,” Kravick.

“When you have a stack of those on a palletizing piece of equipment when the suction cups come down, it sucks through the top sheet and you can pick up three or four sheets at a time. 

“With the AP sheet and fiber directions we have laid out, there is not as much porous nature of the board. So when the suction cups pull up the sheet, it’s done one at a time.”

Positive Feedback From SUS Board vs. AP Sheet Trials

Badger’s AP sheets have gone through multiple tests with our customers — especially in the Texas SUS market — where we have sent samples. Customers can then trial the AP sheet over the SUS board or even compare them to a corrugated sheet. We have heard all positive feedback.

But don’t just take our word for it. To see if an AP sheet from Badger Paperboard will work for you, click the link below to request your sample.

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