Chipboard Innovation: Auto Palletizer Sheets from Badger
December | 2023

At Badger, we try to do things a little differently. Whether it’s our one-of-a-kind production lines across the country or our industry-leading quote turnaround times, we think there’s a better way to get you the chipboard products you need. 

Our auto palletizer (AP) sheets are one example. Learn more about our proprietary product and how it can save you space, time, and money compared to alternatives. 


A New Way to Solve an Old Problem

Traditionally, corrugated cardboard pallet sheets are best suited for high-volume automated production lines. The thicker sheet is easy for robotic palletizers to pick up, one at a time, and place on the pallet. 

On the other hand, typical chipboard sheets are too thin for this application. The palletizer often picks up multiple sheets at once, causing waste and sometimes forcing the line to be shut down. 

“In the industry, we’ve always tried to fix the suction cups. We’ve always tried to fix the machine,” said Chad Kravick, Vice President of Badger Paperboard. “Finally, we realized, why not build a sheet that’s made for that application? 

“We created a proprietary sheet, and the way the fibers are overlaid reduces the porousness and allows the robot to pick up one sheet at a time.” 


Benefits of AP Sheets from Badger

There are multiple benefits to using an AP sheet instead of a traditional corrugated cardboard option. 

“A truckload of corrugated sheets is 6,000 sheets. We can get that same number of sheets on two pallets,” said Kravick. “That means freight space and costs can be drastically reduced. And with warehouse space at a premium, you can dedicate less of yours to storing pallet sheets.” 

Depending on your location, on average, AP sheets also tend to be about 30-35% cheaper than corrugate alternatives. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you may wonder how the thinner chipboard stands up to corrugated. 

“We have a little test that we do. We give our customers a golf tee and they shove the golf tee through the corrugated sheet, and we also put it through our chipboard sheet. And they have a much harder time getting it through the chipboard sheet,” Kravick said. 


Innovation From Badger 

If you’re looking for a better pallet sheet that can perform on your automated line, you aren’t going to find it anywhere else but from Badger. 

“There is not another AP sheet on the market that I’ve ever seen,” said Kravick. “Most of the high-speed applications people just left alone. There’s not a lot of innovation in chipboard. But we addressed the opportunity by developing our own sheet.” 

Customers are also seeing the benefits of this new product. 

“I can walk into a place and say, listen, I can get you a sheet that performs equally or better [than corrugate]. I can save you 30 to 35 percent, reduce your freight by 80 percent, and free up your warehouse. I’ve never had anybody say, no, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Kravick. 


Learn More About AP Sheets

For more information about our AP sheets, visit our product page or request a quote