Don’t Cut Corners: New Corner Board Machine Up and Running in Houston
April | 2022

Badger Paperboard is pleased to announce our newest corner board machine is now available to serve customers out of the Houston facility. 

While average lead times for corner board around the country hover between 12-18 weeks, the new machine will cut Badger lead times to 3-4 weeks.

Close up shot of Badger Paperboard’s Corner Board on a pallet

 “The functionality and the technology of the new machine – the precision with the lengths and caliper and the quality of the 90-degree angle – are second to none,” said Chad Kravick, vice president of Badger Paperboard. “It’s an amazing piece of technology and equipment in the packaging world. The throughputs and the quality of the board have never been seen before.” 

The machine, on average, is four times faster than traditional corner board lines. It will join its counterparts already running in the Wisconsin and California Badger facilities.

Kravick said he anticipates major changes to the corner board market ahead for the region.

“In California, the addition of the corner board machine really changed that market on the West Coast. We hope to do the same thing in Texas and in the Southwest,” he said. 

The BadgerKorner Benefit

Badger’s signature corner guard product, BadgerKorner, protects the edges of your products from dents and damage during shipping. It’s designed to perfectly fit edges without adding bulk, saving on shipping costs. It’s also:

  • Reusable and recyclable 
  • Cut to your specs
  • Print-ready
  • Crush resistant
  • Available in a range of thicknesses 

At Badger, we pay close attention to our products’ sustainability from end to end. Our initial stock is a recycled product, and any scrap we use in the plant is also recycled into more chipboard. In the course of a year, we recycle over a million pounds of paper.

More Chipboard Products from Badger Paperboard 

With our four strategically-located plants located across the country, you’ll find what you need, whenever you need it. Our Badger Promise means you can expect fast turnaround times, responsive service and custom products with each order. 

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