Badger Corner Guard Protecting More of America
July | 2020

At Badger, we don’t cut corners. Well, at least not most of them.

In an effort to become more efficient for our customers, Badger is proud to announce the installation a brand-new state of the art corner guard machine in our La Mirada, California plant. The machine now provides the West Coast and Southwest with Badger corner guard, freeing up the corner guard machine in Wisconsin to continue servicing the Midwest.

“With the increased output, we can handle bulk orders while also improving our lead times,” said Jacob Smiley, General Manager at the Badger California plant. “It’s a win for Badger and a win for our customers.”

Benefits of New Corner Guard Machine: Bulk Orders. Improved Lead Times. Precision Cutting. Improved Specs.

With a new machine comes new specs. We can now create corner guard as thin as 60 pt., an improvement from the previous minimum thickness of 100 pt. What’s more, the new corner guards can be cut as short as 2” and as long as 400”, providing protection for your goods no matter how large or small they may be.

This new machine is smarter, too. It cuts more precisely and minimizes waste, which means that we can pass those savings on to our customers.

The new corner guard has a 2-color print, with an overwrap available in white, black, pink and Kraft. They can also be manufactured with the BadgerKlip which secures them to the pallet while you are wrapping your loads.

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